Increase Workplace Productivity & Health & You’ll Decrease Costs

Physical and emotional wellbeing are key to keeping your employees productive and motivated.

gbac’s Workplace Wellness offering provides solutions to health-related challenges, while promoting better lifestyles within the workplace.

A consultation with a gbac professional will identify the right regimen for you and your employees, from diet and exercise to smoking cessation.

In partnership with Yale New Haven Health Systems and Behavioral Health Consultants, we provide subsidized access to a range of wellness facilities that will keep your employees happy, motivated and energized.

Healthy Workers, Healthy Finances

Workplace Wellness reduces health risk factors and can lower the likelihood of workplace injury, illness or disability and even reduce the recovery time in the event an employee is injured.

And this helps you cut long-term healthcare costs, decrease absenteeism, and boost morale. You can’t put a price on the long-term benefits of physical and emotional health, of course, but we know you’ll be surprised by how quickly you notice results.

Stay Informed
We also provide health education classes, monthly newsletters and informative flyers to improve awareness and understanding of health-related issues.

We Can Help
Don’t underestimate the importance of a healthy workforce. Let our experts help you design the best wellness-program for your company.

how we can help

  • 1
    healthy investment
    Health care costs are a significant portion of a company's budget, so strategically targeting this expense can significantly benefit an employer's bottom line.

    An investment in your employee's health may lower health care costs or slow the cost increases.
  • 2
    lower risk
    Employees with more health risk factors, including being overweight, smoking or having diabetes, cost more to insure and incur more claims for health care than people with fewer risk factors.

    A wellness program can help employees with high risk factors make lifestyle changes to improve their quality of life and lower costs, while also helping employees with fewer risk factors remain healthy.
  • 3
    reduce costs
    Wellness programs can reduce worker's compensation and disability costs. Employees who make healthy changes and lower health risk factors often have a lower chance of a workplace injury or illness or a disability.

    In both cases, this can save the employer money, not just on insurance premiums and benefits paid out, but also the replacement cost of recruiting and training a new worker to replace one out of work for health reasons.